How to make a gym at home with not much?

Training regularly and exercising is one of the keys to staying healthy, strengthening our immune system, maintaining our energy level, relieving stress, and feeling good in body and mind. However, between our long winters in Quebec, the snowstorms, the price of subscriptions and inflation, the closing of specific gyms or the rules of social distancing …

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10 tips to prepare for your hike

Hiking isn’t just a form of exercise – it’s a way to get to know yourself and experience nature in its original condition. The hike is (usually) free and accessible to a wide range of physical abilities, making it an ideal outdoor activity for everyone. The beginnings can be a little daunting if you are …

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How to choose The Best Hydroponic Grow Tent in the USA – Comparison, Guide and Reviews

Do you want to garden all year round, whatever the weather conditions are outside? Would you like to grow your plants while controlling HPS (relative humidity and temperature)? Do you want to control your plantations, from germination to harvest through its maturation, without any element of the external environment disturbing your crops?  The hydroponic grow …

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