8 good reasons to buy a food processor

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Food processors have been all the rage on kitchen counters in recent years and can even be found in instructions that say, “ put it all in the food processor.”

So if some recipe books already assume you have one, you are entitled to ask yourself, why does a food processor buy it?

Why is it so practical, what can you do with it, and what kind of recipes?

Chop, cut, grate, mince, mix, mix, purée, and make smoothies or homemade dips like hummus: what are the qualities of this popular food processor?

We also find this multifunction robot in most major household appliances such as Bosch, Magimix, Cuisinart, KitchenAid, and Kenwood.

Be careful because the confusion quickly arrived in the search engines: we are talking here about the food processor, which is different from the stand mixer, the pastry robot, or even further from the mixer.

This kitchen appliance is initially intended for solid products and does not allow heating or cooking like the cooking robot, a modern evolution of this type of robot, such as the famous Cookeo from Moulinex or the Cook Expert from Magimix seeks to increase the versatility of robots.

Let’s try to draw up a non-exhaustive list of good reasons to buy a food processor and what this food processor can bring to our kitchens.

1 – Eat fresher, healthier, more ecological

Eat fresher, healthier, more ecological

There is no secret, to eat better, you must consume fresher and less processed products: thanks to a food processor and the many possible preparations, you can make many products at home, with ingredients that you choose, therefore fresher, more local to limit the ecological impact, and therefore healthier, and oh so much tastier most of the time.

Thus, by preparing your hummus, your ranch sauce, your flour, your grated carrots, or your vegetable soup yourself, you will avoid buying processed products at the grocery store, with ingredients that are not always good for your health, who will also have traveled through one or more countries, with packaging that creates more waste.

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In short, the food processor is part of the panoply of those who do almost everything at home, and takes up the challenge of eating fresher and healthier, even helping the planet.

2 – Save time

This is one of the main reasons, whatever the type of robot: technology comes to lend a hand in the kitchen to go faster and transform a long step on a cutting board of 15 minutes into 15 seconds.

Indeed, when it comes to finely chopping onions, dicing tomatoes, reducing zucchini into small pieces or even grating carrots, you can save time and energy by directly putting the ingredients into the food processor and pressing a button.

The chopper function, which is often the most used on this type of robot, even allows you to chop meat, nuts or even herbs and spices.

3 – Gain in efficiency and precision

The use of such a device drastically increases the rate of efficiency in food preparation, because the speed and power of a robot to cut, chop or mix will necessarily be superior to the human hand. , when we think for example of certain ingredients that are more difficult to cut such as squash, onions or nuts.

For certain types of cuts, and depending on the type of food processor model, you will be able to perform much more precise and regular work than the human hand can do, for example by using the mandolin function, to obtain slices of potatoes, earth or carrots cut to perfection or almost.

4 – No more crying with onions

4 – No more crying with onions

If you are one of the people who hates cutting onions because you end up crying all the time with burning eyes that sting, and you have tried all the things that never work like ski goggles, the food processor can be a solution.

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A good food processor will have several different blades so you can get chopped, minced, sliced ​​or cubed onions all in seconds, after peeling them of course, and with no drama, so no tears!

A reason to buy a food processor that is worth its weight in gold for some people.

5 – Grate better than Eminem

Among the key accessories of the food processor, the greater will allow you to grate very easily, effortlessly and in no time at all various ingredients: cheese, carrots, cabbage or beets.

On most models, it’s a stainless steel grater that rotates while you press the ingredients into a tube using a plastic pusher.

And again, whether it’s grated cheese or grated carrots, nothing beats home-made with fresh ingredients rather than buying from the grocery store with often added ingredients for preservation.

6 – Make smoothies without a juicer or juicer

6 – Make smoothies without a juicer or juicer

Some appliances and kitchen utensils are not cheap, and also take up a lot of space on the counter when you accumulate them, if you don’t have a huge kitchen with giant cupboards.

A food processor, depending on the type of device, the power of the motor, the blade outlets it has and the capacity of the bowl, can also be used to make smoothies.

Admittedly, these will be more creamy and thick than liquid smoothies, such as those that can be obtained with a juicer, a juice extractor or an electric juicer, for example recipes using yogurt.

But nevertheless, it is possible to use a food processor to make delicious homemade fruit puree, and without necessarily using another machine, which not only saves space on the counter, but also an investment in less to do.

7 – Make tasty homemade dips

7 – Make tasty homemade dips

The best recipes you can make with a food processor often include delicious dips, a good idea for a healthy dish to serve as an appetizer with fresh cut vegetables and potato chips.

We can think of ranch sauce, salsa, homemade hummus which is always better than that from the grocery store, Lebanese baba-ganoush with eggplant, spinach and dill dip, or with beets, black beans or a spicy curry dip!

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In addition to giving free rein to creativity, the food processor will allow you to create this kind of sauces in seconds, just gather the ingredients and put them in the food processor, to create a healthier and fresher dip!

8 – Make your own flour

And why not make your own flour? With a little work and a few accessories, including a sieve for filtering, a food processor can reduce durum wheat berries to powder, but also spelled, rice or nuts.

It will then be enough to filter, according to the ingredients and according to the cutting capacity of the robot, to recover the fine powder of the cereals or nuts that you have crushed.

A fresh and homemade flour will necessarily be healthier and less refined than that of the trade, and will give you a point of the plus in the “all homemade”!

The food processor: towards a fresh and healthy kitchen

The food processor is thus a multifunction device that stands out for its versatility and the range of possibilities it opens up in the kitchen, making it a major ally in the kitchen.

The idea that generally stands out: make as many recipes and preparations as possible at home, with fresh ingredients that we choose, and eat healthier, fresher, tastier, more creative, and more local, so more ethical.

Buying a food processor therefore means:

  • Eating fresher, healthier, more ecological
  • Saving time in the kitchen, less getting tired
  • Gaining efficiency and precision when you have to cut, mince or mix
  • Stop crying over onions
  • Grate cheese, carrots, or cabbage in seconds
  • Make creamy smoothies without the need for a juicer or juicer
  • Make tasty homemade dips
  • Make your flour

And this list can get even more significant when you explore the possibilities of recipes and preparations that can exist, from pizza dough to ice cream, soups, icings, or breadcrumbs.

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